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Empower Growth

Short videos series coming soon!!! In an effort to keep people thinking, working, and focusing on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging, Social Justice, and Accessibility conversations our team will be releasing short informational videos. They will be free to all. The goal: pass on ideas or concepts that can assist in supporting or building growth for all organizations. Share them with your organization, educational institutions as well as members of your leadership groups young and experienced.


Our mission is simple, to assist organizations and educational institutions to build diverse environments for workers and/or students. 

*Kristy specializes in educational organizations and loves working with all level of schools as well as assisting to build strong leaders within their student population.*


"Never live your life in fear. You'll find yourself forever on a treadmill, always running and getting nowhere."

~ Kristy Thomas


  • Strategic planning for creating and maintaining diverse environments through inclusive practices

  • Retaining diverse talent

  • Hiring for diversity

  • Building a more culturally responsive/ inclusive classroom or work environment

  • Avoiding and/or addressing unconscious bias within Human Resource practices 

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