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Kristy's Education:

Diversity & Inclusion Certificate

Cornell University

MBA Educational Leadership w/ Principal Certification 

LeTourneau University

MFA Acting and Directing

University of Missouri Kansas City

BS Secondary Speech and Theatre Education

Missouri State University


Kristy's Work History:

Small Business Owner:

Always Writing 4 U:Writing & Publishing

2013- present


High school and college theatre, speech communications, speech coaching

2005- present

Kristy Thomas has been an educator for most of her adult life and has been committed to and focused on strengthening the voice of students. However, in her years of education, she has witnessed the lack of diversity in faculty, staff, administration and beyond in different educational environments. She knew this could not be exclusive to the area of education, she was correct. This inequity made her to want to assist in building diversity awareness on all levels of organizations. Including the ability to create inclusive work environments to that organizations can not only build stronger, but smarter in all aspects. Kristy aims to address the stigma associated with diversity, equity and inclusion with the ultimate goal of fostering dialogue and spurring action in every organization. Kristy has worked with educational institutions, non- for- profit organizations and boards, teen leadership groups, executive counsels and hopes to continue expanding her reach to other groups in need of her services. 


Our vision is wrapped up in the concept of bringing the very best of every client that we work with to light. We do with a balanced combination of encouragement and empowerment. We achieve this by empowering management with the necessary tools to cultivate a diverse and cohesive organization. While not forgetting the importance of empowering employees to be active participants in their work home. The only way we can truly be inclusive is to step out of our comfort zones and have uncomfortable conversations with ourselves, coworkers, administrators and management. Creating inclusive environments means everyone is a participant.


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