What our clients are saying.

Below are organizations we have consulted with as well as some testimonials of clients that we have led meaningful discussions for. Let us support your organization's goals of becoming and growing their diversity presence and inclusive environments. 


Kristy Thomas brings experience from a multitude of layers and prescribes real talk in a safe environment to those searching for DEI education. After securing as a speaker for an annual conference, she immediately went to work researching and collaborating with the other panelist. During her presentation she made us laugh and cry---she also furthered our minds and challenged us to make change by giving us relative examples.  It was a pleasure to have her, and with that being said I highly recommend her. Thanks, Kristy! 

Christina Duggar
Program Coordinator

KITSAP County Public Works
Solid Waste Division (WA)

Kristy Thomas is a conscientious professional.  She invests in her students and clients while constantly looking forward with how she can facilitate their growth.  She is quite accomplished in all her fields and continues to improve and upgrade her own knowledge base.  Her positivity is infectious and I very much look forward to our next collaboration.

PJ Escobio – Artistic Director Shakespeare Frankfurt

Frankfurt, Germany

Shakes Frank logo.png

What can I say about Thomas DEI consulting?  This is what every program, school and business needs in our country right now!  Kristy makes difficult conversations so easy to discuss. She made me and the entire Executive Council members for Texas Forensic Association (TFA) feel at ease while discussing some very hotbed issues in our country and activity.  Immediately following our training in August, I booked her services to train my captains and officers of my speech and debate team.  These types of discussions and training are imperative to get the conversation moving in the right direction because we all have implicit biases.  Kristy thank you for blessing us with your talents and insights tackling issues that can create safe spaces for everyone in our TFA community.


Lillian Adeyemi

TFA President

(Texas Forensics Association)

Houston, TX


The TFA E.C.'s DEI training was exceptional last month and I cannot be more appreciative of your insight and creativity as a director. Your humor is disarming and your demeanor is welcoming. The activities in which we were completely engaged were thoughtful and, personally, led to deep consideration of my thoughts and beliefs on important topics that influence my life on a daily basis. The entire group benefited from the scenarios you set up and the anecdotes that were shared. We were simultaneously challenged and encouraged. To say that the training was rewarding would be an understatement. It is clear that you are gifted at this important, necessary education from which all professionals will benefit. This was easily one of the most fruitful trainings I have ever had the pleasure to attend.

Joseph Uhler

Past TFA President

(Texas Forensics Association) 

Austin, TX


Kristy provided an incredible service to both our high school-age students and staff. Her DEI training session was engaging, personal, and funny. The best part was that she really geared it toward our organization and industry, taking requests from our staff ahead of time to hit on certain topics. Both the students and adults alike were inspired, and there were so many great tools and tips that we took away from the presentation. We will definitely be using Thomas DEI Consulting again! 

Danielle DeMatteo

Artistic Director

SheNYC Arts/ SheLA Arts/ SheATL Arts

New York City, NY

SheNYC Button.png

Working with Kristy not only has empowered the voices of our students but has allowed our staff to see the gifts our students bring.  She is a catalyst for change and an encouraging, strong and engaging presence.  Her writing skills are only outmatched by her ability to listen and understand and as a result, what she has helped us create is not just beautifully written and produced but accurately portrays our students, vision and has given us all a place of power from which to move forward with the important work we must do to provide ALL of our children opportunities to shine.

Dr. Leslie Evans

Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources

Blue Springs R-IV School District

Blue Springs, MO

Kristy offers her unique perspective to everything she touches. The Black Repertory Theatre of Kansas City has found a new way of communicating the importance of the shared experience and she is an active part of it. When one voice is left out, never can a complete story be told. We are seeing that today more than ever that the rooting out of systemic racism is the conversation of the day. This is a difficult conversation that Kristy is not afraid of speaking on and is a great leader to assist others in this dialogue. How we continue this conversation beyond the news cycle is where Kristy's expertise come into play from High School to the Boardroom she elevates the organizations she assists.

Damron Russel Armstrong

CEO/ Executive Artistic Director

The Black Repertory Theatre of Kansas City

Kansas City, MO

LOGO E,E &E.jpg

Kristy was extremely attentive to the needs of our school with regards to the professional development she provided. She took the time to personally craft the curriculum around both our unique makeup and to the specific goals of our professional learning. You could tell that the presentation wasn’t canned – the most frequent feedback was about how genuine it felt. Kristy has a way of talking so that people confront tough issues and/or think about things differently without feeling threatened. She makes the hard conversations extremely accessible to even the most reluctant staff member. Our staff learned a lot about ourselves and each other and we are looking forward to having Kristy back in the future to continue our campus growth towards our goal of inclusion and equity for our diverse learners.

Kirsten Nash

Hendrickson High School (TX)

Director, Hawk Speech & Debate

UIL Academic Coordinator


Kristy was amazing to work with, from initial consultation to Q&A she was just lovely. She made my job as an event planner so easy! 10 out of 10 would hire again!

Ashley Smithson

Operational Director

Velocity Lee's Summit (MO)