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In service/ Speaking Engagements

2 hour minimum

  • 1 hour
  • Contact for pricing
  • Online session

Service Description

Kristy is an engaging speaker for all areas of organizations. She is full of positive energy and it is her honesty and ability to connect with any and everyone that makes her a solid choice for different kinds of meetings. She understands the importance of encouraging workers, recognizing the work that they do, and leaving them feeling more positive than when they arrived. Her goal is to educate, share experiences and engage with all of the participants so that they feel like she is speaking to each one of them as individuals that are important pieces of their organization. *This is also a good idea for student groups of color. It is an important life experience to have people that look like them in front of them telling them that they can do all things. It is empowering, encouraging and enlightening.

Contact Details

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